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Infinite Dock · Monomad Challenge

Infinite Dock · Monomad Challenge · Puerto de Tazacorte, La Palma · JavierSebastian Hive Blog

THIS IS MY ENTRY FOR for #monomad Challenge by @monochromes *************************** Hi friends: On this occasion I want to share with you a conceptual photo of the Port of Tazacorte, whose architecture is very attractive photographically speaking. I hope you like it. A hug. *************************** Hola amigos: En esta ocasión les quiero compartir una foto … Leer más

Cotton Cloud

THIS IS MY ENTRY FOR ‘Love The Clouds’ Contest! #109 by @tobetada *************************** Hi, cloud lovers: Clouds can definitely take on very beautiful whimsical shapes. Another huge cloud like a ship crossing my window. I hope you like it. Hugs! *************************** Definitivamente, las nubes pueden tomar formas caprichosas muy bellas. Otra gran nube en forma … Leer más